2023 Accomplishments, IBR Registration, Cold Weather Standards were Key Topics at First 2024 Board Meeting

HOUSTON – NERC’s Board of Trustees kicked off its first meeting of 2024 with a look back at key 2023 accomplishments, noting the work done in support of NERC’s key focus areas — Energy, Security, Agility and Sustainability — and a look ahead at the work yet to be done. During the meeting, a key cold weather standard was adopted, a retiring colleague was honored and a discussion on unregistered inverter-based resources (IBR) took place.

“The NERC team took on a significant number of challenges to the reliability and security of the grid over the past year and rose to the occasion — facing an increase in physical security incidents; directives on IBRs, internal network security monitoring and extreme weather planning; a congressionally mandated transfer capacity study; and yet another winter storm,” said Ken DeFontes, chair of the Board of Trustees. “And industry was right there with us to get these priorities across the finish line. I want to thank you all for a stellar 2023.”

Following on the theme of 2023 accomplishments, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jim Robb noted that NERC produced two products highlighting the accomplishments of the Electric Reliability Organization over the past year: the 2023 Year-in-Review video and the Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center’s (E-ISAC) 2023 End-of-Year Report​.

Posted On: 02/15/2024