Disturbance Report Emphasizes Continued Need for Industry Action, Provides Recommendations

ATLANTA – As inverter-based resources, including modern wind turbines, solar photovoltaic and battery energy storage systems, continue to drive grid transformation, they may also introduce potential risks to the system, as documented by NERC in multiple disturbance reports. As part of its Inverter-Based Resource Strategy, NERC is dedicated to identifying and addressing these challenges, sharing risk mitigation techniques with industry and providing best practices and education.

The joint NERC–WECC 2022 California Battery Energy Storage System Disturbances report assesses two events involving the unexpected, abnormal performance of bulk power system (BPS)-connected battery energy storage systems initiated by normally cleared faults in the Western Interconnection that occurred on March 9 and April 6 in 2022. These are the first significant events involving battery energy storage system facilities, highlighting the need to consider these systems in the same light as any other inverter-based resource.

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Posted On: 10/02/2023