FERC, NERC to Review Bulk Power System Performance During Recent Winter Storms

WASHINGTON, D.C. – FERC, NERC and NERCs Regional Entities have launched a joint review of the performance of the bulk power system during recent winter storms that brought Arctic air across much of North America. The review will look at winter preparation activities and gather information to help guide future winter storm preparations and operations by NERC, FERC and the Regional Entities.

From January 1016, 2024, Winter Storms Gerri and Heather moved across North America. Gerri moved from the Northwest and South as far as Arizona, then through the Midwest and Great Lakes regions into the Northeast, followed closely by Heather, with a width so large it encompassed Oklahoma to Texas at its onset, before bringing its Arctic cold through the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys and, ultimately, into the Northeast.

The cold persisted across three broad areas: the Canadian Prairie in Alberta, the Pacific Northwest/Intermountain West, and the central Great Plains. The cold then drifted into the Southeast for a few days. While the bulk power system operated without any major incidents during the period, operators in some regions did experience challenges in maintaining system reliability.

The review will look at progress made since FERC and NERC completed joint inquiries into two recent winter storms, Uri in 2021 and Elliott in 2022.  The team plans to deliver the results of the review no later than June 2024.

Posted On: 02/13/2024