GridEx VII Report Highlights Further Action to Enhance Grid Resilience

WASHINGTON D.C. – The GridEx VII Lessons Learned Report, published today, is a detailed post-exercise review and analysis of NERC and the Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center’s (E-ISAC) GridEx VII, that took place in November 2023.

More than 15,000 participants from approximately 250 North American organizations– including the electric industry, cross-sector partners from gas and telecommunications, and U.S. and Canadian government partners – took part in a two-day exercise, which tested operational and policy measures that would be needed to restore the grid following a severe cyber and physical attack. 

The report provides recommendations and actions for utilities, government partners, the E-ISAC, and other stakeholders to prepare for and respond to security incidents that affect the North American electric system.

Full Announcement GridEx VII Lessons Learned Report

Posted On: 04/02/2024