Increased EV-Charging Demand and Changing Load Profile Underscore Need for Cross-Sector Collaboration

ATLANTA – The advent and adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is ushering in a transformative era in transportation, posing unique challenges to the grid and necessitating a cross-sector-coordinated approach to ensuring bulk power system reliability, resilience, and security. Historically, the transportation sector has largely remained independent of the electricity sector, but this is changing quickly as EV charging depends on the safe, reliable, resilient, secure, and affordable delivery of electricity. Additionally, this increase in demand has the potential to significantly change the load profile of the North American bulk power system.

NERC’s Potential Bulk Power System Impact of Electric Vehicle Chargers white paper informs EV stakeholders and policymakers about the need for greater cross-sector collaboration. It also includes findings and recommendations from a NERC study that sought to determine how EV chargers interact with the grid to identify and promote grid-friendly behaviors about EVs and their charging systems.

Posted On: 02/08/2024