FERC, NERC Joint Statement on Reliability
​Comments of Chairman Willie L. Phillips and NERC CEO James B. Robb
We remain concerned about the potential loss of the Everett Marine Terminal (Everett) in New England and the consequences that it might have for the reliability and affordability of the region’s energy supplies.

At the September 2023 Open Meeting, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Commission) and North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) staff presented preliminary findings and recommendations regarding Winter Storm Elliott. During the storm, both electric and natural gas systems throughout much of the eastern half of the United States were subjected to significant stress, resulting in significant unplanned generating unit losses, with nearly 90,000 megawatts out at the same time. Indeed, the Winter Storm Elliott findings demonstrate the importance energy infrastructure plays in ensuring that we have reliable, affordable supplies of all types of energy.

While the New England Winter Gas-Electric Forum (Forum) largely focused on the Commission-jurisdictional bulk power system and interstate natural gas system, the Winter Storm Elliott report illustrates the extent to which such winter events can also have significant consequences for infrastructure subject to state jurisdiction, such as the local gas distribution system.

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Posted On: 11/06/2023