NERC Releases Findings and Critical Recommendations from Inverter-Based Resource Level 2 Alert

​ATLANTA – As the penetration of inverter-based resources (IBR) connected to the bulk power system continues to rapidly increase, it is paramount that any performance deficiencies with existing and future generating resources be addressed in an effective and efficient manner. As part of its IBR Strategy to proactively identify and address IBR integration challenges and drive risk mitigation activities, NERC has analyzed multiple large-scale disturbances involving widespread loss of IBRs that have resulted in abnormal performance across several Bulk Electric System solar photovoltaic generating resources. These systemic performance issues could lead to potential widespread outages if they persist, NERC has warned.

To help mitigate this risk, NERC issued a Level 2 alert in March that provided strong recommendations for Generator Owners of all bulk power system-connected IBR facilities to improve performance of their resources and required owners of bulk power system-connected solar photovoltaic facilities to provide site-specific information via a data submission worksheet. The resulting report​, released today, provides key findings and critical recommendations based on the analysis NERC conducted using the data collected through the alert and details the extent of the potential risks posed to the bulk power system.

Posted On: 11/30/2023