NERC Releases Inverter-Based Webinar Series Recordings, FAQ, Video

​ATLANTA – As the grid continues to transform rapidly, inverter-based resources (IBRs) are at the forefront, playing an ever-more critical role. Over the past eight years, NERC has taken numerous actions to support the reliable integration of these resources and provide education around them. NERC is pleased to release the recordings and slides from its recent 11-part webinar series that provided a complete overview of bulk power system-connected IBRs—from a fundamental understanding of the technology to tackling the more complex and emerging risk issues—as well as an FAQ document covering the general themes of the more than 1000 comments and questions received throughout the series. Additionally, NERC has produced a video featuring remarks from NERC President and CEO Jim Robb and other series highlights.

This series was made possible with the input of experts from 20 organizations across the industry. Ensuring reliable integration of IBRs is a top priority for NERC as the Electric Reliability Organization, and understanding these resources is imperative for a reliable, resilient, and secure bulk power system of the future. To learn more about NERC’s work in this area, please visit the Inverter-Based Resource Activities Quick Reference Guide

Webinar Recordings and Slides | FAQ | Video

Posted On: 08/28/2023