Lessons Learned and FAQs
Based on an Implementation Study, NERC and the Regional Entities identified key conclusions, lessons learned, and recommendations for implementing CIP Version 5. 
NERC and the Regional Entities have developed Lessons Learned and FAQ documents focused on specific topics identified during the Implementation Study. 
CIPv5_Implem_Study_Final_Report_Oct2014.pdfImplementation Study Final Report
Planned Lessons Learned and FAQs.pdfPlanned Lessons Learned and FAQs
BES Cyber Asset Lesson Learned (Final).pdfBES Cyber Asset Lesson Learned
CIP-002-5.1 Requirement R1 Impact Rating of Relays.pdfFar-End Relay Lesson Learned
CIP-002-5.1 Impact Rating of Generation Resource Shared BES Cyber Systems.pdfGeneration Segmentation Lesson Learned
CIPV5_FAQs_Consolidated_Oct2015_Oct_13_2015.pdfCIP V5 Final FAQs
Communications Networking Lesson Learned.pdfCommunications Networking Lesson Learned
External Routable Connectivity Lesson Learned.pdfExternal Routable Connectivity Lesson Learned
Generation Interconnection Lesson Learned.pdfGeneration Interconnection Lesson Learned
LL_EACMS_Mixed_Trust_Authentication_Sep_10_2015_clean.pdfMixed Trust EACMS Authentication Lessons Learned
LL_Grouping_BES_Cyber_Systems_Sep_8_2015_clean.pdfGrouping of BES Cyber Systems Lessons Learned
Vendor Access Management Lesson Learned.pdfVendor Access Management Lesson Learned
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