ERO Enterprise Publishes Cyber-Informed Transmission Planning White Paper

ATLANTA – The North American bulk power system is facing a rapidly evolving threat landscape that is characterized by increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, emphasizing the need to strengthen the resilience of the grid against potentially catastrophic impacts. To address this, the ERO Enterprise — NERC and the six Regional Entities — developed a white paper​ that introduces a cyber-informed transmission planning framework and provides a roadmap for integrating cyber security into transmission planning activities.

Incorporating cyber-informed transmission planning approaches to mitigate reliability impacts that could result from cyber attacks is a key tenet of NERC’s Security Integration Strategy and one of NERC’s 2023 work plan priorities. By incorporating security where it has traditionally not been considered, industry will be able to better ensure the effective reduction of risks to the reliability and security of the bulk power system. 

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Posted On: 05/08/2023