Standards Efficiency Review

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Status of SER Phase 2
The Standards Efficiency Review (SER) Phase 2 Team will review industry feedback regarding the Operational Data Exchange Simplification Standard Authorization Request (SAR), revise the SAR as necessary, and determine whether or not it will be submitted to NERC and the Standards Committee.

Overall Project Scope
Evaluate NERC Reliability Standards using a risk-based approach to identify potential efficiencies through retirement or modification of Reliability Standard Requirements. Considering that many Reliability Standards have been mandatory and enforceable for 10+ years in North America, this project seeks to identify potential candidate requirements that are not essential for reliability, could be simplified or consolidated, and could thereby reduce regulatory obligations and/or compliance burden.

SER Phase 1
On June 7, 2019, NERC staff submitted a petition, FERC Docket Number RM19-17-000, for the approval of Reliability Standards Requirement retirements in the INT, FAC, PRC, and MOD Reliability Standards families, as developed by Project 2018-03 SER Retirements project. The petition proposed the retirement of approximately 84 Requirements.

The CIP Standards Efficiency Review project began in July 2019.

SER Phase 2 Scope and Approach
Evaluate NERC Reliability Standards (O&P and CIP), as informed by implementation experiences and compliance practices, to develop and recommend standards-based solutions intended to reduce inefficiencies and unnecessary regulatory burdens for the purpose of supporting continued safe, secure and reliable operations.

The Phase 2 Team will focus on the following activities:

  • Identify areas of inefficiency in the current framework of Reliability Standards.
  • Collaborate and communicate with industry to ensure all areas of inefficiency and potential solutions are considered.
  • Potential solutions may include, but are not limited to:
    • SARs to remove inefficiencies in the Reliability Standards.
    • Policy recommendations to appropriate ERO staff or committee.
  • A sub-team, consisting of a few members from SER Phase 1 and Phase 2, are reviewing information from the SER Matrix input from the early stages of Phase 1, in order to identify efficiency opportunities not covered by Project 2018-03 SER Retirements or SER Phase 2. This sub-team is tasked with developing a SAR to summarize a consolidated list modification recommendations.
SER Phase 2 Project Timeline
  • March, 2019: Industry input on efficiency concepts
  • March-May, 2019: Evaluate and prioritize concepts
  • July 2019: Draft Evidence Retention Recommendations
  • September 2019: Presentation at joint SC & CCC meeting; Kansas City, MO
  • December 2019: Evidence Retention Recommendations to SC
  • Move Requirements to Guidance Recommendations (incorporated into NERC policy, Risk Mitigation Framework)
  • March 2020: Consolidate Data/Information Exchange Recommendations
  • Prototype Standard Recommendations (TBD)




Consideration of Comments
​Phase Two

 Operational Data Exchange Simplification
Standard Authorization Request

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 03/12/20 - 05/27/20​



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SER Evidence Retention Recommendations (endorsed by SC December 18, 2019)​

​SER Evidence Retention White Paper

​Evidence Retention Report

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08/23/19 - 09/23/19



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2/22/19 - 3/22/19​

​Phase One

SER Recommendations

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06/07/18 - 07/10/18​

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​12/13/17 - 2/2/18

Completed Matrices


MRO 1/30/18

Hydro-Quebec TransEnergie 1/31/18

Chelan County PUD 1/31/18

MRO NSRF 2/1/18

City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri

SMUD 2/2/18

Entergy 2/2/18

Sunflower Electric Power Corp. 2/2/18

ISO NE 2/2/18

NPCC 2/2/18
Ontario IESO 2/2/18
Aces 2/3/18

Arizona Public Service 2/3/18

American Transmission Company 2/3/18

BC Hydro 2/3/18

Bonneville Power Administration 2/3/18

City Light 2/3/18

ConEd NY 2/3/18

Eversource 2/3/18

ITC Transco 2/3/18

Midwest 2/3/18

Nuclear Energy Institute 2/3/18

Oklahoma GE 2/3/18

PSEG 2/3/18

SERC 2/3/18

SouthernCo 2/3/18

Transmission Access Policy Study Group 2/3/18

WEC Energy Group 2/3/18

Imperial Irrigation 2/5/18

Duke Energy 2/5/18

North American Generator Forum 2/5/18

SPP 2/5/18

NRECA Members 2/6/18

Edison Electric Institute 2/28/18

Xcel Energy 2/28/18

PJM 2/28/18

WAPA 2/28/18

Chelan County PUD 3/8/18

MISO 3/8/18

ERCOT 3/8/18


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12/12/17 - 1/12/18
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