ERO Enterprise Releases Facility Ratings Best Practices Report

ATLANTA – Maintaining reliability across the bulk power system is not an isolated endeavor — it is a complex, multi-pronged effort that is supported by numerous components, programs, initiatives and organizations across North America. Facility ratings play a significant role in the reliable planning and operation of the bulk power system and therefore demand effective management to reduce associated risks and impacts.

The impacts of incorrect facility ratings can range from operating with limited information to uncontrolled widespread service outages and fires. Facility ratings and system limitations also play a key role in modeling the grid as future bulk power system projects are contemplated to manage load growth and mitigate system constraints. To ensure a reliable and secure grid, it is of utmost importance that registered entities have strong and sustainable facility ratings programs.

To support our stakeholders, the ERO Enterprise actively engaged in mitigating activities associated with facility ratings and identified four common themes that pose challenges to the sustainability of accurate facility ratings:

  • Lack of awareness
  • Inadequate asset and data management
  • Inadequate change management
  • Inconsistent development and application of facility ratings methodologies

​​The ERO Enterprise Themes and Best Practices for Sustaining Accurate Facility Ratings report is intended to aid stakeholders in strengthening the accuracy and sustainability of their facility ratings programs, resulting in the lessening of facility ratings challenges and ensuring a more reliable and secure bulk power system. The best practices in this report are not directives to industry to undertake any actions. Rather, they are best practices for mitigating risks in the area of facility ratings and for addressing the themes identified in this report.

Full Announcement​ERO Enterprise Themes and Best Practices for Sustaining Accurate Facility Ratings

Posted On: 10/20/2022