ERO Enterprise Unveils Entity Onboarding Checklist

ATLANTA – The Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) Enterprise is pleased to announce a new resource for registered entities. The ERO Enterprise Entity Onboarding Checklist​ provides new Primary Compliance Contacts (PCCs), Primary Compliance Officers (PCOs) and Alternate Compliance Contacts (ACCs) with an easy guide for signing up for essential, ERO Enterprise reliability-focused applications and communications.

This  resource is another tool the ERO Enterprise has developed to provide clarity on registration processes and improve efficiency for registered entities. To learn more about initial steps for new entities and new entity contacts, please review the ERO Enterprise 101 Informational Package and the ERO Enterprise Registration Procedure.

The ERO Enterprise, which is comprised of NERC and the six Regional Entities, remains dedicated to supporting industry while sharing the collective mission of assuring the reliability, resilience and security of the North American bulk power system. 

Posted On: 11/07/2022