NERC Files Request with FERC to Use Reserves in 2023 to Fund Portion of Transfer Capability Study

WASHINGTON, D.C. – ​NERC filed a request with FERC today for approval to draw up to $700k from NERC’s Assessment Stabilization Reserve (ASR) to fund a portion of the 2023 expenses anticipated in connection with the Interregional Transfer Capability Study (ITCS). The ASR is funded solely through U.S. penalties and there will be no increase to 2023 assessments. NERC was congressionally mandated to conduct the ITCS in the recent Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023. 

The ITCS aligns with NERC’s obligation to perform long-term reliability assessments in its role as the independent authority on bulk power system reliability. NERC is currently scoping study requirements and will work in collaboration with FERC, the Regional Entities, and industry to address Congress’ directive. The ITCS must be delivered to FERC on or before December 2, 2024. NERC has a long history of highlighting the need for more infrastructure and transmission adequacy is at the very core of the future of reliability.

Posted On: 07/14/2023