NERC Launches First Reliability Vignette

​ATLANTA – NERC is launching a new product called Reliability Vignettes, which are intended to capture current operating incidents of interest and project the circumstances of the incidents into the future as think pieces for system planning and operating considerations. NERC will publish Reliability Vignettes on an occasional basis as interesting system occurrences are identified.

The first Reliability Vignette—Future Wind Planning Informed by Current Operating Experience—uses the real-world operating experiences of two Balancing Authorities in a high-wind event as the basis for consideration of a future system that is wind- and solar-generation dominant. This document​s objective is to provide future resource planning considerations for registered entities to ponder, consider and/or implement as they design future operations of their system assets. Operating scenarios for the vignettes are summarized in an unattributable manner and shared with the industry, policymakers and interested parties.

Reliability Vignettes will be available on the Event Analysis, Reliability Assessment, and Performance Analysis page of NERCs website. ​

Posted On: 09/23/2022