NERC Publishes Distributed Energy Resource Strategy Document

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Distributed energy resource (DER) levels are growing rapidly across many areas of North America and are altering how the bulk power system is planned, designed and operated. While DERs present a number of benefits, they also create challenges to grid reliability, resilience and flexibility. The Distributed Energy Resource Strategy identifies current and future strategic actions necessary to ensure reliable operation of the bulk power system. The core tenets of the current DER risk mitigation strategy focus on: DER modeling capabilities, studies incorporating DERs, operational impacts of DERs and regulatory considerations related to DERs.

The ERO Enterprise is dedicated to proactively identifying and addressing bulk power system reliability impacts associated with increasing DER levels and will continue to work collaboratively with industry stakeholders to drive risk mitigation activities.

Quick Reference Guide: Distributed Energy Resource Activities | Distributed Energy Resource Strategy

Posted On: 11/01/2022