NERC Publishes Inverter-Based Resource Strategy Document

​WASHINGTON, D.C. – The rapid interconnection of bulk power system (BPS)-connected inverter-based resources is one of the most significant drivers of grid transformation and poses a high risk to BPS reliability. NERC has developed an Inverter-Based Resource Strategy document for addressing inverter-based resource performance issues that illustrates current and future work to mitigate emerging risks in this area. The strategy, which was developed to ensure industry awareness and alignment regarding ERO Enterprise and NERC Reliability and Security Technical Committee activities, also addresses the Member Representatives Committee​s policy input requesting enhancements in this area. The strategy includes four key focus areas: risk analysis, interconnection process improvements, sharing best practices and industry education and regulatory enhancements. Each focus area includes specific activities and work items that are described in more detail throughout the strategy document.

The ERO Enterprise remains committed to identifying and working toward solutions to better manage the complex reliability problems facing industry during this time of unprecedented resource change. 

Quick Reference Guide​: Inverter-Based Resource Activities | Inverter-Based Resource Strategy

Posted On: 09/14/2022