NERC Releases Essential Action Alert Focused on Cold Weather Preparations

WASHINGTON, D.C. – NERC has issued a Level 3 Essential Actions alert, Cold Weather Preparations for Extreme Weather Events III. The purpose of the Level 3 Alert is to increase the readiness of Reliability Coordinators, Balancing Authorities generator owners and transmission operators for mitigating operational risk for winter 2023–2024 and beyond. 

The alert contains a set of eight specific actions that NERC determined to be essential for certain segments of owners, operators or users of the grid to undertake to ensure its reliable operation. Entities registered under the functional groups denoted in the alert are required to acknowledge receipt of the alert and respond to the Essential Actions and a series of questions related to their preparedness. NERC advises that all registered entities – not just those required to respond – review the alert on the NERC’s website for applicability to their operations. NERC also posted materials from a May 5 webinar on the topic. 

This is the first time that NERC has issued a Level 3, which is the highest severity level in NERC’s alert classification structure. NERC provided industry stakeholders, Regional Entities, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and other applicable governmental authorities, the opportunity to provide comments. NERC’s Board approved the issuance of the alert during its Board meeting on May 11. 

The ERO Enterprise remains committed to identifying and working toward solutions to better manage the complex reliability challenges facing industry during this time of unprecedented change.​

Posted On: 05/15/2023