National Academy of Engineering Workshop Focuses on Maintaining Reliability, Resiliency on the Changing Grid

WASHINGTON, D.C.  A group of experts from industry, vendors and academia convened in October 2022 to discuss the challenges for creating a reliable and secure grid in the future during a National Academy of Engineering workshop. Based on that discussion, the group developed a report, Creating a Sustainable National Electric Infrastructure While Maintaining Reliability and Resiliency of the Grid, to highlight the recommendations identified. Mark Lauby, NERC senior vice president and chief engineer; Vijay Vittal, Regents Professor, Arizona State University; and Anjan Bose, Regents Professor, Washington State University, led the workshop with about 40 experts participating, which focused on the premise that adequate attention has not been paid to the technical guidelines and policy issues required to transform the planning and operation of the grid. The report provides specific recommendations related to regulatory challenges, policy, markets, long-term planning, technical challenges and resiliency.   ​

Posted On: 03/06/2023