New Strategy Seeks to Ensure Reliability by Integrating Cyber and Physical Security into Grid Planning, Design, Operation

ATLANTA – The transformation of the grid is expanding the existing attack surface due to the changing resource mix as well as the use of emerging technologies, additional communications and industrial controls and remote control capabilities. Focusing on and mitigating these known and emerging cyber and physical security risks is critical to the ERO Enterprise’​s mission of assuring the reliability, resilience and security of the North American electric grid.

To that end, NERC is integrating cyber and physical security concepts more holistically into transmission planning, engineering design and system operations to ensure that mitigating security controls are considered as early in the process as possible. The new NERC Security Integration Strategy, which is primarily focused on risk identification and validation, prioritization and development of possible mitigations, outlines ERO priorities to enhance security integration through working collaboratively with electricity sector stakeholders. 

Full Announcement​​ | IEEE Technical Report Announcement 

Posted On: 12/08/2022