Statement on White House Cyber Security Strategy

NERC and its Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center's (E-ISAC) look forward to reviewing the new cyber security strategy released by the White House in more detail, but welcomes any effort that enhances industry’s cyber security posture. 

Collaboration and coordination are vital components of assuring the reliability and security of our nation’​s critical infrastructure and staying ahead of attackers or others seeking to undermine the security of the grid. The E-ISAC acts as a clearinghouse for industry and its partners and shares cyber and physical security threat intelligence and actionable information to help mitigate exposure to these threats. Additionally, NERC's mandatory and enforceable Critical Infrastructure Protection standards provide further protection against exposure to cyber and physical threats. 

The E-ISAC looks forward to working with the Department of Energy in support of the Energy Threat Analysis Center pilot, which will enhance operational intelligence coordination and better inform response, recovery, and mitigation efforts for critical electric infrastructure. NERC continues to work in collaboration with industry and our government partners – both federal and state – with the end goal of maintaining a secure and reliable grid for nearly 400 million people across North America.

Posted On: 03/03/2023