Cancel, Ratliff Testimony from DOE/FERC Supply Chain Technical Conference

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Manny Cancel, NERC senior vice president and E-ISAC chief executive officer, and Lonnie Ratliff, director of NERC Compliance Assurance and Certification, took part on panels during the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission/Department of Energy 2022 Supply Chain Risk Management Technical Conference on December 7. The conference had four panels that discussed supply chain security challenges related to the bulk power system, ongoing supply chain-related activities, and potential measures to secure the supply chain for the grid's hardware, software, computer, and networking equipment. 

Cancel took part on panel 1: Supply Chain Risks Facing the Bulk-Power System, and Ratliff took take part on panel 2: Current Supply Chain Risk Management Reliability Standards, Implementation Challenges, Gaps, and Opportunities for Improvement.

The conference recording can be found on FERC’s website.

Cancel and Ratliff Testimony

Posted On: 12/07/2022