Robb Presents Physical Security Report to FERC

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Jim Robb, NERC president and chief executive officer, presented NERC’s physical security report at FERC’s open meeting today. The report, filed April 14, 2023, responds to FERC’s order directing NERC to study the effectiveness of the CIP-014 physical security standard in mitigating the risks to the bulk-power system associated with physical attacks. The study outlines actions to strengthen the standard and foster robust stakeholder engagement to consider additional risk-based enhancements.

“We are confident the actions outlined in our report will help further secure critical bulk power system assets and ensure that the foundational protections of CIP-014 are keeping pace with a dynamic risk environment,” said Robb in his presentation.

The presentation and FERC Open Meeting recording can be found on FERC’s website.​

Posted On: 04/20/2023