Section 1600 Data Requests

In accordance with Section 1600 of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (“NERC") Rules of Procedure, NERC may request data or information (“Data Request") that is necessary to meet its obligations under section 215 of the Federal Power Act, as authorized by Section 39.2(d) of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (“FERC" or “Commission") regulations.

Each Section 1600 data request specifies the data to be collected, the registered entity function(s) to which it applies, the criteria for reporting requirements, and how and when the data will be collected.

Under the Performance Analysis program, NERC currently collects data from registered entities that meet reporting requirements for demand response, generation, transmission, protection system operations and geomagnetic disturbances.



 Section 1600 Data Request News

NERC is seeking to update the GADS Section 1600 data request. In accordance with NERC’s Rule of Procedure, Section 1600 Data Requests must include a 45-day public comment period. Comments should be provided via email by 8:00 p.m. Eastern on August 5, 2022, using the comment form on this page.

 Section 1600 Data Requests in Progress

GADS_Conventional_Section_I-V_2023_DRI_clean.pdfGADS Conventional Section I-V 2023 DRI - Clean8/5/2022
GADS_Conventional_Section_I-V_2023_DRI_redline.pdfGADS Conventional Section I-V 2023 DRI - Redline8/5/2022
GADS_Design_Data_Combined_File_2022.xlsxGADS Design Data Worksheet8/5/2022
GADS_Solar_DRI-2022-clean.pdfGADS Solar DRI 2022 - Clean8/5/2022
GADS_Solar_DRI-2022-redline.pdfGADS Solar DRI 2022 - Redline8/5/2022
GADS_Wind_DRI_for 2022_redline.pdfGADS Wind DRI 2021 Comparison - redline8/5/2022
GADS_Wind_DRI_for_2022_Public_Comment_Period-clean.pdfGADS Wind DRI 2022 - Clean8/5/2022
GADS_Wind_DRI_for_2022_Public_Comment_Period-redline.pdfGADS Wind DRI 2022 - Redline8/5/2022
GADS_Section_1600-2022_Public_Comment_Form.xlsxPublic Comment Form - GADS Section 1600 20228/5/2022