EA Program

​The principal goal of the ERO is to promote the reliability of the bulk power system in North America. The ERO Event Analysis (EA) Program informs system performance monitoring efforts through forensic analysis of reliability operating issues and advocates reliability improvements. The NERC Rules of Procedure provide authorities with guidance that form the basis for the EA program. Reasons for processing system events within the program include trending defined off-normal system events associated with the design and operation of the system, analytical inquiry of major and minor system disturbances, identification and sharing of lessons learned, and supporting communication to industry concerning extent of conditions of operational concern on the system.

The documentation on this page supports the processes for industry reporting and ERO trending of off-normal events. 

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Region Event Analysis Process (EAP) Representatives:

Quintin Lee
Dwayne Fewless
Hassan Hamdar
​Texas RE
Jagan Mandavilli
Curtis Holland