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A 45-day informal comment period on the proposed revisions to the Reliability Functional Model (FM) and Reliability Functional Model Technical Document (FMTD) concluded on September 7, 2016.

The Functional Model Advisory Group (FMAG) will review all comments submitted and incorporate, as appropriate, proposed revisions to the FM and FMTD. In the documents posted for comment, the highlighted language is intended to indicate that the revision relates to a substantive change. The FMAG requests that you focus your comments on these highlighted revisions. Revisions that are not deemed substantive include revisions related to:   

·        Incorporation of a Glossary term; 
·        Clarification to the existing language (i.e., use of consistent terminology);
·        Changes to the order or manner of presentation of information (i.e., rearrangement of tasks to follow a chronological order of how the tasks are performed);
·        Consolidation of related items or removal of redundancies; and
·        Changes to reflect how Interchange works, including incorporation of NERC Glossary terms. 
In December 2015, the FMAG began a comprehensive review and assessment of the FM and FMTD to determine if it correctly reflects the industry today and whether there was a need to incorporate any new or emerging reliability-related tasks. As a result of the review, the FMAG identified many areas in need of revision.
Purpose/Industry Need
The Reliability Functional Model (FM) is a guideline that identifies the functions that must be performed to ensure that the Bulk Power System is planned and operated in a reliable manner. The FM describes, in general terms, the functions that must be performed to ensure reliability, the specific tasks that are necessary to perform each function, and the relationships between functional entities that perform the various tasks.  In its capacity of a guideline, the FM serves to provide a framework for NERC Reliability Standards as they are developed through the standard development process. The FM is independent of any particular organizational or market structure. The focus of the FM is solely on identification of reliability-related functions and the associated tasks and relationships.
The purpose of the Functional Model Advisory Group (FMAG), as outlined in the FMAG Scope document, is to (1) maintain the FM and FMTD to ensure the model correctly reflects the industry today, and (2) evaluate and incorporate new and emergent reliability-related tasks. The FMAG reports to the Standards Committee (SC), and works with the Planning Committee (PC), Operating Committee (OC), and Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee (CIPC) to obtain consensus regarding any proposed changes to the FM and FMTD. All proposed changes to the FM must be posted for industry comment, obtain consensus agreement from the PC, OC, and CIPC, and, ultimately, approval by the SC.


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