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The Project 2012-09 IRO Five-Year Review Team has reviewed IRO-003-2, IRO-004-2, IRO-005-4, IRO-006-5, IRO-006-East, IRO-008-1, IRO-009-1 and IRO-010-1a and posted eight draft recommendations for a 45-day industry comment period that ended on September 20, 2013.  The team reviewed comments received and revised its recommendations.  A final set of recommendations and SAR have been submitted to the Standards Committee for consideration at the Standards Committee’s October 2013 meeting.
This project will comprehensively review and revise the set of IRO standards to ensure the requirements are clear and unambiguous. Many of the requirements in this set of standards were translated from Operating Policies as part of the Version 0 process and the standards are due for a comprehensive review. Suggestions for improvement, possible consolidation and for requirements to be considered for retirement under Paragraph 81 have been submitted by stakeholders, other drafting teams, and FERC staff.
Standard(s) affected - IRO-003-2, IRO-004-2, IRO-006-5, IRO-006-EAST, IRO-008-1, IRO-009-1 and IRO-010-1a
Purpose/Industry Need
The Standard Processes Manual (see p. 42) obligates NERC to conduct five-year reviews on standards that are more than five years old and have not yet been revised through other standards development projects. Within the next year, all standards that have not been significantly revised or retired will undergo a comprehensive review to determine whether the standard should be reaffirmed, revised, or withdrawn.
NERC has responded to regulatory and industry guidance by incorporating into its five-year review process principles of results-based standards drafting and a review of each standard in relation to other standards to eliminate duplicative requirements.  Additionally, five-year reviews will evaluate whether each standard is clear, concise, and technically sound given current technologies and system conditions, whether any regulatory directives require specific changes to the standard, and whether the requirements that do little to ensure the reliability of the bulk power system should be eliminated. Five-year reviews also will consider previously captured stakeholder-identified issues pertaining to the affected standards.  
Draft​​Action​Dates​Results​Consideration of Comments
Final Recommendation to Standards Committee
SAR to revise IRO-001-3, IRO-003-2, IRO-006-EAST, IRO-008-1, IRO-009-1 and IRO-010-1a
Attachments to SAR:
Proposed Redlines of Revised Standards
IRO-003-2 Redlined 
IRO-006-East Redlined 
IRO-008-1 Redlined
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Five-Year Review Recommendation


Review of IRO-003-2

Review of IRO-004-2
Review of IRO-005-4
Review of IRO-006-5
Review of IRO-006-East
Review of IRO-008-1
Review of IRO-009-1
Review of IRO-010-1a


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Redline of IRO-001-3 showing changes to support recommendation to retire IRO-004-2

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08/07/13 - 09/20/13

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