2023 FERC Orders/Rules


Docket Number


Order Approving Reliability Standard CIP-003-9​

FERC issues an order approving Reliability Standard CIP-003-9.



Order Approving Extreme Cold Weather Reliability Standards​

FERC issues an order approving Reliability Standards EOP-011-3 and EOP-012-1 and directing modification of Reliability Standard EOP-012-1.



Order Regarding Internal Network Security Monitoring​

FERC issues an order directing NERC to develop and submit Reliability Standards that require internal network security monitoring within a trusted CIP networked environment for high and medium impact Bulk Electric System (BES)  Cyber Systems within 15 months of the effective date of this order. NERC is also directed to perform a study of all low impact BES Cyber Systems with and without external routable connectivity and medium impact BES Cyber Systems without external connectivity and submit a report within 12 months of the issuance of the order.



Order Accepting 2021 Budget True-up Report​

FERC issues a letter accepting NERC's June 1, 2022 report of the comparisons of budget to actual costs for 2021 for NERC and the Regional Entities.



Order Approving Compliance Filing​

FERC issues an order approving the joint compliance filing of NERC and NPCC amending NPCC Bylaws.