FERC Orders/Rules 2020
Docket Number

​RM19-16-000, RM19-17-000

​Order on SER Retirements​

FERC issues an order approving the retirement of 18 of the 76 Reliability Standard requirements requested for retirement by NERC. The Commission also remanded proposed Reliability Standard FAC-008-4 for further consideration by NERC.



​Supply Chain Notice of Inquiry​

FERC seeks comments on the potential risks to the Bulk Electric System posed by the use of equipment and services produced or provided by certain entities identified as risks to national security. In addition, the Commission seeks comments on strategies to mitigate any potential risks posed by such telecommunications equipment and services.​



​Delegated Letter Order Approving BAL-003-2​

FERC issues a delegated letter order approving Reliability Standard BAL-003-2.



Order Approving Reliability Standard PRC-024-3​

FERC issues a delegated letter order approving Reliability Standard PRC-024-3.



​Order accepting revisions to the SERC Bylaws​

FERC issues a letter order approving revisions to the SERC Bylaws​.


​​Order approving Financing for the ERO SEL​​

FERC issues a delegated letter ​order approving NERC's request to expend up to $3.8 million to fund the development of the Electric Reliability Organization Enterprise Secure Evidence Locker​ (ERO SEL)



FERC issues a Notice of Inquiry seeking feedback on potential enhancements to the Critical Infrastructure Protection Reliability Standards.



​Letter order approving TPL-001-5 Erratum​

FERC issues a letter order approving NERC's proposed erratum to Reliability Standard TPL-001-5. The revised standard is TPL-001-5.1.​



Letter order approving BAL-001-TRE-2

FERC issues a letter order approving Reliability Standard BAL-001-TRE-2.



​Letter order accepting revisions to the ReliabilityFirst Corporation Bylaws​

FERC issues a letter order approving revisions to the ReliabilityFirst Corporation Bylaws​.


​RM15-4-000, RM16-22-000, RM17-13-000, RD18-4-000

​Order Granting Motion to Defer Certain Reliability Standards Implementation​

FERC issues an order granting NERC's motion to delay upcoming implementation deadlines of certain Reliability Standards in response to coronavirus-related disruptions.



​Notice of Extension of Time​

FERC issues a letter order granting an extention of time for NERC to submit compliance filings pertaining to NERC's Five-Year Performance Assessment.



​Letter Order Approving Reliability Standard TPL-007-4​

FERC issues a letter order approving Reliability Standard TPL-007-4 (Transmission System Planned Performance for Geomagnetic Disturbance Events). 



FERC issues a Notice of Inquiry regarding Virtualization and Cloud Computing Services

FERC issued a Notice of Inquiry seeking comments regarding the potential benefits and risks associated the use of virtualization and cloud computing services in association with the bulk electric system operations, as well as comments on whether barriers exist in the Commission-approved Critical Infrastructure Protection Reliability Standards that impeded the voluntary adoption of virtualization or cloud computing services.     



Order issued Directing Informational Filings Regarding NERC Standard Drafting Projects

FERC issues an order directing NERC to submit informational filings regarding the status of two NERC critical infrastructure protection standard drafting projects pertaining to virtualization and cloud computing services: Project 2016-02 (Modifications to CIP Standards) and Project 2019-02 (BES Cyber System Information Access Management).  FERC has directed that NERC submit a schedule for each of the Projects that should include the current status of the project, the interim target dates, and the anticipated filing date for the new or modified Reliability Standards.  NERC has been directed to submit the informational filing within 30 days of the date of issuance of the order and will also be required to file quarterly status updates on an informational basis until the Reliability Standards are filed with the Commission.



Letter Order Approving Regional Reliability Standard PRC-006-NPCC-2

FERC issues an order approving regional Reliability Standard PRC-006-NPCC-2 (NPCC Automatic Underfrequency Load Shedding).



​Order Approving Reliability Standard TPL-001-5

FERC issues an order approving Reliability Standard TPL-001-5 (Transmission System Planning Performance Requirements).


​RM19-16-000; RM19-17-000

​Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on ERO Proposal to Retire Requirements in Reliability Standards Under the NERC Standards Efficiency Review

FERC issues a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking proposing to approve 74 of the 77 requirement retirements in the two filings from the Standards Efficiency Review initiative. FERC proposes to remand VAR-001-6 to retain Requirement R2 and is seeking additional comment on the retirement of FAC-008-3, Requirements R7 and R8​.​



​Order Approving Reliability Standard CIP-012-1​

FERC issues an order approving Reliability Standard CIP-012-1 – Cyber Security – Communications between Control Centers. Additionally, the Commission directs NERC to develop modifications to the CIP Reliability Standards to require protections regarding the availability of communication links and data communicated between bulk electric system Control Centers.



Order on Five-Year Performance Assessment​

FERC issues an order accepting the ERO’s third Performance Assessment.  The Commission found that NERC continues to satisfy applicable statutory and regulatory criteria for certification as the ERO and that the Regional Entities continue to satisfy the applicable statutory and regulatory criteria. Further, the Commission directed that NERC submit a compliance filing addressing: (1) Regional Entity oversight, including discussion of audits under Appendix 4A of the ROP; (2) the development process for reliability guidelines; (3) clarifications regarding the Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (E-ISAC); (4) clarifications regarding the NERC sanction guidelines; and (5) clarifications regarding the NERC sanction guidelines under Appendix 4A of the ROP Revisions to the Organization Certification Program.​​