Standing Committees
Through NERC’s technical committees, experts from all segments of the electricity industry contribute their knowledge to promote the reliability of the North American bulk power system.
Click here for the Reliability and Security Guidelines produced by the Operating, Planning, and Critical ​infrastructure Protection Committees.

 Committees, Subcommittees, Working Groups and Task Forces

Personnel Certification Governance Committee (PCGC)
Credential Maintenance Working Group (CMWG)
Exam Working Group (EWG)
Event Analysis Subcommittee (EAS)
EMS Working Group (EMSWG)
Inverter-Based Resource Performance Task Force (IRPTF)
Operating Reliability Subcommittee (ORS)
Personnel Subcommittee (PS)
Resources Subcommittee (RS)
Frequency Working Group (FWG)
Inadvertent Interchange Working Group (IIWG)
Electric Gas Working Group (EGWG)
Geomagnetic Disturbance Task Force (GMDTF)
Inverter-Based Resource Performance Task Force (IRPTF)
Performance Analysis Subcommittee (PAS)
Demand Response Availability Data System Working Group (DADSWG)
Generating Availability Data System Working Group (GADSWG)
Misoperation Information Data Analysis System Working Group (MIDASWG)
Transmission Availability Data System Working Group (TADSWG)
Reliability Assessment Subcommittee (RAS)
Probabilistic Assessment Working Group (PAWG)
System Analysis and Modeling Subcommittee (SAMS)
Load Modeling Task Force (LMTF)
Power Plant Modeling and Verification Task Force (PPMVTF)
System Protection and Control Subcommittee (SPCS)
Synchronized Measurement Subcommittee (SMS)
System Planning Impacts from Distributed Energy Resources Working Group (SPIDERWG)