On November 16-17, 2021, more than 700 planners participated in GridEx VI to exercise their response and recovery plans in the face of simulated, coordinated cyber and physical attacks on the North American bulk power system and other critical infrastructure. The exercise concluded with an executive tabletop session, which brought together industry and government leaders to focus on strategic and policy level issues raised during the exercise. Learn more about GridEx VI.

GridEx is the largest grid security exercise in North America. Hosted every two years by NERC's Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (E-ISAC), GridEx gives E-ISAC member and partner organizations a forum to practice how they would respond to and recover from coordinated cyber and physical security threats and incidents.

NERC and the E-ISAC apply the outcomes and lessons learned from GridEx exercises to help improve the security of the North American grid. The E-ISAC will develop a public report on GridEx VI with input from all participants. The report is scheduled to be released in March 2022.

To learn more about past GridEx exercises, see the public reports posted on the right.

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