Hosted by NERC and the E-ISAC, GridSecCon features world-class training sessions, cutting-edge discussions, and in-depth presentations on emerging cyber and physical threats, policy updates, and lessons learned. It promotes best practices in the reliability, security, and resilience of the North American grid.

GridSecCon 2021 – NERC and Texas RE are co-hosting the 10th grid security conference, GridSecCon, on October 19–20, with training opportunities available on October 18. GridSecCon brings together cyber and physical security leaders from industry and government to deliver expert training sessions, share best practices, present lessons learned, and share effective threat mitigation programs.


The event will be held virtually due to the ongoing pandemic. More details about GridSecCon 2021 will be made available on the E-ISAC website, NERC website, and Texas RE website.

The E-ISAC continues to offer timely webinars, reports, and other products to its members. Visit the E-ISAC Portal to apply for membership.


GridSecCon 2019 - Atlanta, Georgia
GridSecCon 2018 - Las Vegas, Nevada
GridSecCon 2017 - St. Paul, Minnesota
GridSecCon 2016 - Quebec, Canada
GridSecCon 2015 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
GridSecCon 2014 - San Antonio, Texas
GridSecCon 2013 - Jacksonville, Florida
GridSecCon 2012 - San Diego, California
GridSecCon 2011 - New Orleans, Louisiana