GADS Cause Code Reports

GADS Conventional data collection includes the reporting of Events. Each Event includes a Cause Code that identifies the cause of the event.

Forced Outage and Derate Events are important to analyze to show how each Cause can affect reliability.

These reports start with aggregated data by cause code, so no direct unit information is included the result. The report is a list of each cause code, and a tally of how many events or units the cause code was used, the associated Megawatt Loss, and/or Megawatt hour loss. Each of these sums can give information on how these events affect reliability. A report file includes one year of cause codes.

There are three tabs in each report file:

  • Instructions: Includes descriptions of each field included in the file and how to use the filtering capabilities of the report
  • Report: a pivot table with the ability to filter on several criteria
  • ​ Data: the aggregated data records

GADS_Cause_Codes_Report_2023.xlsxCause Code Reports 20235/21/2024
GADS_Cause_Codes_Report_2022.xlsxCause Code Report 20227/6/2023
GADS_Cause_Codes_Report_2021.xlsxCause Code Report 20217/21/2022
GADS_Cause_Codes_Report_2020.xlsxCause Code Report 20208/9/2021
GADS_Cause_Codes_Report_2019.xlsxCause Code Report 20198/9/2021
GADS_Cause_Codes_Report_2018.xlsxCause Code Report 20188/9/2021
GADS_Cause_Codes_Report_2017.xlsxCause Code Report 20178/9/2021
GADS_Cause_Codes_Report_2016.xlsxCause Code Report 20168/9/2021
GADS_Cause_Codes_Report_2015.xlsxCause Code Report 20158/9/2021
GADS_Cause_Codes_Report_2014.xlsxCause Code Report 20148/9/2021
GADS_Cause_Codes_Report_2013.xlsxCause Code Report 20138/9/2021