M-2 BPS Transmission Related Events Resulting in Loss of Load



About this Metric

The purpose of this metric is to track BPS transmission related events which resulted in firm Load Loss. This will allow planners and operators to validate their design and operating criteria assuring acceptable performance of the system.

​“Event" is an unplanned disturbance that produces an abnormal system condition due to equipment failures/system operational actions (either intentional or unintentional) that result in the loss of firm system demands for more than 15 minutes, utilizing the subset of data provided in accordance with EOP-004-2: Event Reporting EOP-004-2 as described below:

  1. Loss of​ firm load for 15 minutes or more
    1. ​​300 MW or more for entities with previous year's demand of 3,000 MW or more.
    2. ​200 MW or more for all other entities.
  2. ​BES Emergency requiring manual firm load shedding of 100 MW or more.
  3. BES Emergency resulting in automatic firm load shedding of 100 MW or more (via automatic undervoltage or underfrequency load shedding schemes, or SPS/RAS).
  4. Transmission loss event with an unexpected loss within an entities' area, contrary to design, of three or more BES Elements caused by a common disturbance (excluding successful automatic reclosing)resulting in a firm load loss o​f 50 MW or more.

​Metric Definition Document

M-2 BPS Transmission Related Events Resulting in Loss of Load