Coordinate Operations
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IRO-014, IRO-015, IRO-016 were approved by a Ballot Pool on November 28, 2005 and approved for adoption by the NERC Board of Trustees on February 7, 2006.

Purpose/Industry Need:
To ensure that the operations of each reliability coordinator (RC) function are coordinated such that they will not have an adverse impact on the reliability of other RCs and to preserve the reliability benefits of interconnected operations.

Draft Action Dates Results Consideration of Comments
Draft 5 Standard    
Ballot Results
Initial Ballot
Comments & Responses  
Draft 4 Standard   7/8/2005 - 8/8/2005
Comments Received>> Consideration of Comments>>
Draft3 Standard        
Draft2 Standard   6/2/2004 - 7/2/2004 Comments Received>> Consideration of Comments>>
1/16/2004 - 3/1/2004
Comments Received>> Consideration of Comments>>
Draft SAR Version 3        
  2/14/2003 - 3/17/2003 Consideration of Comments>>
  4/2/2002 - 5/3/2002 ​​​
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