Interpretation 2012-INT-07 CIP-005 for AEP
This interpretation is being prepared for an initial 30-day formal comment period.

Purpose/Industry Need
Asks for clarification whether for the purposes of access point identification, “externally connected communications endpoints” include those communications links that do not use either (1) a routable protocol (such as IP), or (2) a dial-up modem.

Interpretation Process
In accordance with the Reliability Standards Development Procedure, the interpretation must be posted for a 30-day pre-ballot review, and then balloted.  There is no public comment period for an interpretation.  Balloting will be conducted following the same method used for balloting standards.  If the interpretation is approved by its ballot pool, then the interpretation will be appended to the standard and will become effective when adopted by the NERC Board of Trustees and approved by the applicable regulatory authorities.  The interpretation will remain appended to the standard until the standard is revised through the normal standards development process.  When the standard is revised, the clarifications provided by the interpretation will be incorporated into the revised standard. 

Draft Action Dates Results Consideration of Comments
AEP Interpretation of CIP-005

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