Project 2023-05 Modifications to FAC-001 and FAC-002

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The nomination period for Project 2023-05 Modifications to FAC-001 and FAC-002 concluded at 8 p.m. Eastern, Wednesday, September 27, 2023.

The comment period for
Project 2023-05 Modifications to FAC-001 and FAC-002 concluded at 8 p.m. Eastern, Thursday, September 7, 2023 for the following Standard Authorization Requests (SARs):

·    FAC-001-4 - Applicability of the DP for Facility Ratings

·    FAC-002-4 - DER Studies in NERC FAC-002-4 Standard for T-D Interfaces​

Once formed, the drafting team will review all responses received during the comment period and determine the next steps of the project.

The NERC System Performance Impacts of Distributed Energy Resources Work Group (SPIDERWG) evaluated the current body of NERC Reliability Standards and the requirements within those standards for distributed energy resource (DER) applicability and effectiveness with increasing penetrations of DER. This review is housed in the SPIDERWG White Paper: NERC Reliability Standards Review.  The review took place between the years 2018 and 2022, culminating in a handful of SARs which included the SARs for FAC-001-4 and FAC-002-4. Both of these standards were identified as needing refinement, such that the reliability at the transmission to distribution interface (T-D interface) is maintained.

The RSTC endorsed the SARs at its March 22, 2023 meeting.

Standard(s) Affected – FAC-001-4, FAC-002-4
Purpose/Industry Need
The purpose of the FAC-001-4 SAR is to revise FAC-001-4 to include DP in the “Applicability" section and update the requirements to require DPs to make available their interconnection procedures for Distributed Energy Resources (DERs).

The purpose of FAC-002-4 is “to study the impact of interconnecting new or changed Facilities on the Bulk Electric System (BES)".  Recent studies and presentations to SPIDERWG indicate that if aggregate DER is integrated without adequate interconnection studies, reliable operation of t​he BES is likely to be impacted (e.g., contingencies worsened by aggregate DER tripping off-line).

To “avoid adverse impacts on the reliability of the Bulk Electric System," Distribution Providers (DPs) “must document and make facility interconnection requirements available". Documentation and availability of DP generation interconnection requirements allow for necessary coordination across the transmission–distribution interface (T-D interface) to maintain BES reliability.

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