Project 2020-01 Modifications to MOD-032-1

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The Standards Committee rejected the Standard Authorization Request (SAR) during its December 9, 2020 meeting, and a formal response letter was sent to the original SAR submitter (see SC response below). Since an active SAR no longer exists, the SAR DT will be dissolved.

With the penetration of distributed energy resources (DER) continually increasing across the continent, it is imperative that the risk DER pose to the reliability of the Bulk Power System be minimized by improving the modeling of aggregate DER in planning studies. The SPIDERWG reviewed MOD-032-1 Data for Power System Modeling and Analysis and developed a Standard Authorization Request (SAR) requesting modifications be made to the standard to address the collecting and reporting of aggregate data for DER. This data is necessary to support the development of accurate interconnection-wide base cases for the planning horizon.

Standard(s) Affected MOD-032-1 - Data for Power System Modeling and Analysis

Purpose/Industry Need
This project proposes to revise MOD-032-1 to address gaps in data collection for the purposes of modeling and interconnection-wide case creation regarding DER. The goal is to provide clarity and consistency for data collection across Planning Coordinators (PCs) and Transmission Planners (TPs) when coordinating with the DP to gather aggregate load and DER data.

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SC Response to SPIDERWG SAR MOD-032-1

The Standards Committee rejected the SAR on December 9, 2020​

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