Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NPCC)





Regional Reliability Standards - Under Development
Standard No. Title Regional Status ​Dates NERC Status
NPCC Regional Standard Processes Manual Approved by FERC December 23, 2014 ​03/24/14 - 05/07/14 Info 
06/06/13 - 07/22/13​

NPCC Regional Standards Process Manual (Clean) 
​BAL-002-NPCC-01 ​Regional Reserve Sharing Groups ​Standard Under Development on Hold ​10/12/2011-11/10/2011 ​Solicitation for Drafting Team Members NPCCDT Self-Nomination Form​
Disturbance Monitoring
Adopted by NERC Board of Trustees November 4, 2010
09/23/10 - 08/24/10  
​PRC-002-NPCC-02 RSAR​
Disturbance Monitoring
​RSAR Approved ​2/20/13​ ​Monitoring the Development of PRC-002-NPCC-02
Automatic Underfrequency Load Shedding
Adopted by Board of Trustees February 9, 2012
​PRC-012-NPCC-01​ ​Special Protection Systems​ ​Standard Development on Hold ​8/2/2011 ​ ​Monitoring the development of Project 2010-05.2​