Project 2018-04 Modifications to PRC-024-2

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A 45-day comment period for PRC-024-3 – Generator Frequency and Voltage Protection Settings is open through 8 p.m. Eastern, Friday, May 31, 2019.

Ballot pools are being formed through 8 p.m. Eastern, Thursday, May 16, 2019.

A 10-day initial ballot for the standard and a non-binding polls of the associated Violation Risk Factors and Violation Severity Levels, will be conducted May 22-31, 2019.

On November 27, 2018, the NERC Operating Committee (OC) and Planning Committee (PC) submitted a Standard Authorization Request (SAR) prepared by the Inverter-Based Resource Performance Task Force (IRPTF), which reports to the OC and PC.

Based off the analyses of the Blue Cut Fire and Canyon 2 Fire disturbances in southern California along with the development of the PRC-024-2 Gaps Whitepaper, the IRPTF identified potential modifications to PRC-024-2 to ensure that inverter-based generator owners, operators, developers, and equipment manufacturers understand the intent of the standard in order for their plants to respond to grid disturbances in a manner that contributes to the reliable operation of the BPS.

The standard drafting team developed the proposed modifications in PRC-024-3 to address the issues in the SAR.

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05/22/19 - 05/31/19


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04/17/19 - 05/31/19


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04/17/19 - 05/16/19


​Standard Authorization Request (SAR)



​The Standards Committee Accepted the SAR on February 20, 2019

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12/19/18 - 01/18/19

Standard Authorization Request

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PRC-024-2 Gaps Whitepaper

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12/19/18 – 01/18/19

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