Project 2022-01 Reporting ACE Definition and Associated Terms

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The 30-day informal comment and nomination period for the Project 2022-01 Reporting ACE Definition and Associated Terms Standard Authorization Request concluded 8 p.m. Eastern, Thursday, March 10, 2022. The Standards Committee is expected to appoint members to the drafting team in April 2022. Nominees will be notified shortly after they have been appointed. Once a drafting team is formed, the comments will be reviewed and the next steps of the project determined.

The SAR states that the current definition of Reporting Area Control Error (ACE) presents a conflict with the Western Interconnection's Automatic Time Error Correction (ATEC) process and does not allow other Interconnections to pursue ATEC. Additionally, there is confusion in that the terms ACE and Reporting ACE are both used throughout the standards. A revised definition should provide improve long-term average frequency performance as well as give other Interconnections the ability to pursue automatic correction approaches.

Standard(s) Affected: Multiple standards reference the Reporting ACE definition, including BAL.




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