Revisions to the NERC Standard Processes Manual

A 45-day formal comment period is open through 8 p.m. Eastern, Thursday, August 9, 2018 for the revised sections of the NERC Standards Process Manual (SPM). An additional ballot will be conducted July 31 – August 9, 2018.


Revisions are proposed to the NERC Standard Processes Manual, Appendix 3A to the Rules of Procedure. The currently-effective SPM was approved by the NERC Board of Trustees in February 2013.

The Field Test language in Section 6.0 is revised to increase coordination between the Standards Committee and the technical committees when field tests are conducted. Revisions are proposed to Section 7.0 to clarify language and streamline the process for posting and balloting Interpretations. Revisions to Section 8.0 are proposed to allow an entity to withdraw its appeal by providing written notice. Revisions are proposed to Section 11.0 to clarify the scope of this section, define supporting documents, and incorporate a detailed process for vetting proposed supporting documents.  Additionally, non-process related revisions are made to Sections 2.1 and 3.7 to update language.


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