Project 2022-03 Energy Assurance with Energy-Constrained Resources

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An informal comment period for Project 2022-03 Energy Assurance with Energy-Constrained Resources | TOP-0XX-X will be conducted September 13-28, 2023

Energy assurance is an increasingly important aspect of a reliable Bulk Electric System (BES), but has been inconsistently defined and measured without explicit standards. The project scope will address several energy assurance concerns related to the operations, operations planning, and mid- to long-term planning time horizons which was first identified in the NERC white paper entitled Ensuring Energy Adequacy with Energy-Constrained Resources1.

This project has two assigned SARs and the SDT is focusing on the Operations and Operations Planning SAR first. The SDT intends on proposing Standard(s) that outlines the process for the Near-Term and Seasonal Operational Planning Energy Reliability Assessments (OPERAs). ​

Standard(s) Affected: TPL-001-5.1, EOP, and TOP

Purpose/Industry Need
This project will enhance reliability by requiring entities to perform energy reliability assessments to evaluate energy assurance and develop Corrective Action Plan(s) to address identified risks. Energy reliability assessments evaluate energy assurance across the Operations Planning, Near-Term Transmission Planning, and Long-Term Transmission Planning or equivalent time horizons by analyzing the expected resource mix availability (flexibility) and the expected availability of fuel during the study period.

1Energy_Assurance_White_Paper (

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09/13/2023 - 09/28/2023​

   Operations and Operations Planning Time Horizons SAR

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January 25, 2023

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06/22/2022 – 07/21/2022

Operations and Operations Planning Time Horizons SAR

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06/22/2022 – 07/21/2022​

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