Project 2019-04 Modifications to PRC-005-6

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The comment period for the Project 2019-04 Modifications to PRC-005-6 Standard Authorization Request (SAR) concluded 8 p.m. Eastern, Wednesday, August 28, 2019. The drating team will review all responses received during the comment period and determine the next steps of the project.

On May 14, 2019, NERC received a SAR from the North American Generator Forum (NAGF) seeking to revise Reliability Standard PRC-005-6 – Protection System, Automatic Reclosing, and Sudden Pressure Relaying Maintenance to clarify the applicability of PRC-005-6 to the protective functions within an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and provide the prescribed maintenance activities. The SAR also requests the PRC-005-6 Supplementary Reference and FAQ be updated to reflect the changes to the standard.

Purpose/Industry Need
The SAR proposes revisions to PRC-005-6 that provide clear, unambiguous guidance on the scope of applicability to AVR protective functions. Without clear applicability, the industry is struggling with how to implement PRC-005-6 and what testing is acceptable to meet the required maintenance activities prescribed by PRC-005-6. This topic is only applicable to a Generator Owner that owns a synchronous generating unit with an installed digital AVR. The SAR also proposes revising PRC-005-6 to add a new section under Facilities to clearly delineate the applicability of Protection Systems associated with AVR protective functions, limiting the scope of the AVR protective functions to those elements that open a breaker directly or via lockout or tripping auxiliary relays. 

Standard(s) Affected PRC-005-6

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