Technical Rationale for Reliability Standards

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A 45-day informal comment period for Technical Rationale for Reliability Standards is open through 8 p.m. Eastern, Wednesday, December 18, 2019 for the following standards:
IRO-001-4 – Reliability Coordination - Responsibilities
IRO-002-6 – Reliability Coordination – Monitoring and Analysis
IRO-006-EAST-2 – Transmission Loading Relief Procedure for the Eastern Interconnection
IRO-008-2 – Reliability Coordinator Operational Analyses and Real-time Assessments
IRO-009-2 – Reliability Coordinator Actions to Operate Within IROLs
IRO-010-2 – Reliability Coordinator Data Specification and Collection
IRO-014-3 – Coordination Among Reliability Coordinators
IRO-017-1 – Outage Coordination
IRO-018-1(i) – Reliability Coordinator Real-time Reliability Monitoring and Analysis Capabilities

Ballot pools are being formed through 8 p.m. Eastern, Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

Non-binding polls for each Standard will be conducted December 9-18, 2019.


The current Reliability Standards template includes a Guidelines and Technical Basis (GTB) section to provide standard drafting teams a mechanism to: (i) explain the technical basis for the associated Reliability Standard (and Requirements therein); and (ii) provide technical guidance for the associated Reliability Standard (and Requirements therein). The ERO Enterprise recognizes that these sections help industry to understand the technology and technical elements in the Reliability Standard. The ERO continues to assess compliance based on the language of the Reliability Standard and the facts and circumstances presented.

With the enactment of the Compliance Guidance Policy, it appears helpful to further clarify the distinction between Implementation Guidance and GTB (or Technical Rationale, as explained below). GTB should focus on technical rationale that assists technical understanding of a requirement and/or Reliability Standard. GTB should not include compliance examples or compliance language, as such information, if needed, should be developed as Implementation Guidance under the Compliance Guidance Policy.

Purpose/Industry Need:

The use of the term “guideline” in GTB has created confusion for some stakeholders on the use of information in this section for guidance in developing compliance approaches. To clarify the intended use of information in this section, and to address that confusion, the Reliability Standards template will be revised to eliminate the GTB section and allow for the creation of a separate document containing the Technical Rationale. The purpose of this project is to further clarify the principles, development, and use of GTB (historically) and Technical Rationale. GTB that already exists in Reliability Standards will be reviewed under these principles when a new version of a Reliability Standard is being drafted and during any Periodic Review process. 

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Redline | IRO-001-4 Technical Rationale


Redline | IRO-002-6 Technical Rationale


Redline | IRO-006-EAST-2 Technical Rationale

Redline | IRO-008-2 Technical Rationale

Redline |  IRO-009-2 Technical Rationale

Redline |  IRO-010-2 Technical Rationale

Redline |  IRO-014-3 Technical Rationale


Redline |  IRO-017-1 Technical Rationale

Redline |  IRO-018-1(i) Technical Rationale


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